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SCT and Twitter – I am not the first

October 17, 2011

It appears that I am not the first researcher to consider joining SCT and Twitter; Bobby Rozzell (I’m guessing an undergraduate at the Elliott School of Communication, Wichita State University) joined the two in 2008. “Wichita “Twitters” about the 2008 Presidential Election: Fantasy Theme Analysis of Messages During Three Election Night Time Phase” was a […]

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Symbolic Convergence Theory and Twitter

September 14, 2011

a brief introduction to Symbolic Convergence Theory, a well-researched and robust communication theory from pre-social media days, and I’m asking, as part of my research, whether it can ‘play nicely’ with Twitter

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Thoughts on the appropriateness of Twitter as a channel of study

June 28, 2011

The more I read about Symbolic Convergence Theory (SCT) the more I am concerned that the 140-character limit of Twitter limits the usefulness of using Twitter as the channel being studied. SCT uses, either singly or in combination, document search, personal interviews, focus groups and Q-sort instruments to gather data, then Q-technique, coding instruments and […]

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Reflection on Symbolic Convergence Theory and Weick’s concepts of sense making

June 11, 2011

As part of my musing and mulling over Symbolic Convergence Theory (SCT), I have been considering James Olufowote’s rather good article from 2006, ‘Rousing and redirecting a sleeping giant: Symbolic convergence theory and complexities in the constitution of collective action’. One of Olufowote’s ideas is to progress SCT by adding Karl Weick’s ideas on sensemaking […]

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Symbolic Convergence Theory

May 31, 2011

Part One of a three-part series I have finally settled on my theory of study and my approach. Eschewing psychological theories, I am going back to communication’s roots by looking at Bormann’s Symbolic Convergence Theory. Symbolic Convergence Theory Symbolic Convergence Theory (SCT) is a theory-method complex (Vazquez 1993); much applied research has been conducted with […]

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