Feeling like a fraud

by Lee on November 29, 2011

Not a good day today.

I feel like an academic fraud when sitting next to my peers at a thesis writing workshop.

I feel like I need to start my doctorate all over again, that my research question is naive and undergraduate in level. I feel like my data is unsubstantial and inadequate.

Not a good day, today.

  • http://twitter.com/PaulMBrady65 Paul M Brady

    Hey, i read part one of your thesis as i am working on an essay about SCT for my comm theory module of an undergrad journalism degree. I was looking forward to reading part 2 and 3 but dont see them. 

    Try not get too negative, you may not need to start all over again. From what i have read you are laying solid ground work talking about SCT so its just a case of finding a fresh angle of investigation. I would love to know what your question is.

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